“BEFORE PARTIER” Bluetooth speakers and disco balls are generally used to create a party mood. However, the music and lights are always out of sync, the disco ball simply emits the same light patterns around the room.

Of course, there is an option of creating a light show using DMX-controlled lighting, but such a system is costly, fixed to a room, and overly complex.

To enjoy a party at home, some people resorted to using Bluetooth speakers and then manually moving the disco balls to enhance the mood.

Ai robotic Arm

Ai robotic Arm

Dynamic mirror ball movement

The robot arm interprets audio input in real-time to generate movements based on rhythm and beat. This creates dynamic movements of the disco ball.

Partier interprets Bluetooth audio input from on the fly to move the robot arm to the rhythm and beat of the music that the speaker plays.

The speaker analyzes the audio input and uses a special algorithm to move its robot arm.

The arm has a movement range of 135 ° vertically and 270 ° horizontally. As the arm dances to the music, the light from the disco ball dances in the surroundings to create dynamic lighting and mood.



Dynamic lighting movement

The disco ball uses MicSense technology with a built-in microphone that detects surrounding sounds and changes its light pattern based on sound input. This gives the lighting effect of the dancing speaker an additional dimension, making it more dynamic and further enhancing the mood. The MicSense disco light increases variations and randomizations of the light pattern, further enhancing the mood as the disco ball moves. This effect is particularly pronounced when listening to slower music. A standard disco ball would generate light that blinks to a repetitive pattern, thus causing the light to feel disjointed when the beat slows down.

The use of the MicSense disco light makes slow music more enjoyable.



party On-the-Go

Partier is portable, so you can bring your party anywhere you want. Audio input is easy with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, so you can listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are.

The dancing speaker is portable. It has a battery life of 2.5 hours on a full functions, and only speaker mode, more than enough juice to keep the party going(about 20 hours).

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, allowing it to have high audio quality and play audio from it over a longer distance. Move around the party while playing music from your phone in your pocket!



Dynamic lighting movement

The standard disco ball attaches to the robot arm via a USB port. The port can also power modular add-on. This opens up countless possibilities for users to customize their speakers with other USB modules.


The robot arm takes on modular accessories via a USB port. The default accessory is the disco ball. We chose to use a USB port so that our users can unleash their creativity and extend the speaker with other USB accessories.

Disco mirror ball

The dancing speaker has LED lights all around the speaker’s body that lights up based on the music.

This further enhances the lighting effect and boosts the mood at a party, create a  romantic ambiance if you want, and most importantly, use it wherever you are.

Star mood Light

Put the Starlight module on Partier and turn your kid’s room into a starry sky.
Fuel their imagination and generate hours of  fun playing under the stars.

Therapy Mood Light

With the Mood Light module, Partier gives a gentle ambient therapy light that is perfect for
relaxing. The light comes with a steady mode, and a pulse mode where cycles through eight  colors with a slow, calming pulse.


We take the mood light a step further with the Flame Light module. The light imitates the look of fire for that extra coziness and romantic mood.
The flame flickers and dances like a real flame to help you relax with your favorite tunes.



Speaker Body +
Disco Mirror Ball +
Therapy Mood Light +
Fire Wood Light +
Star Mood Light


Speaker Body +
Disco Mirror Ball +
Fire Wood Light


Speaker Body +
Disco Mirror Ball


Check out the specifications of Partier and other speakers

PARTIER Other brands
LED Syne Patterns
Sync Movements
Mirror Ball Sync Lighting
Modular Add-ons
Micro SD Port
LED Pattern Control
Movements Control
Long Battery
Volume Control
USB C Charging
Audio Quality
DB Output
Status icon
PARTIER-Top partierspeaker
PARTIER-Contriller-Button partierspeaker
Controller Button
PARTIER-Strap partierspeaker
PARTIER-Main-LED-Body partierspeaker
Main LED Body
PARTIER-Side partierspeaker
PARTIER-size partierspeaker

product specifications

Speaker Speaker Unit 2.75 inches
Rated output
Bluetooth standard ver 5.0
Approx 10m
2 x BLDC
USB C type, Micro SD, AUX
support (for Charge)
Power Supply
DC5V 2.5 A
287 X 140 X 140 mm